Seniors Marketing Program


People are living longer, healthier lives, and many of these more mature people spend more money and time in their gardens than anyone else.
At the early stages of this age group are the all-important baby boomers who have been the chief driver in nursery sales. Seniors love to receive promotions by mail, love to be recognized with a discount card, and display a high degree of loyalty to stores who recognize them. Our unique Seniors cards contain a gift card plus a reusable key tag with a one year expiration date, so with one mailing you can keep that person or family coming back to your store again and again.


Our unique Seniors card contains not only a Gift Card, but an additional key tag card so they will be reminded of your garden center every time they pull out their keys. We are offering these special cards, with two ways for them to respond, at no additional charge. Some word modification or personalization is possible, again without any additional cost. After we receive your signed order form, we will call you and give you a free consultation on the best offer to put on your card, and other important details.


Our exclusive Super Seniors List™ selects well-to-do senior homeowners. We make additional important improvements to this list, based on our 38 years of successful marketing experience in bringing key buyers into garden centers.

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