New Homeowners


For over 28 years we have refined and improved our New Homeowners program, making it the most proven and cost-effective new homeowner program for garden centers and nurseries available. Our garden center partners receive high response rates of up to 20% with our unique program. Please Call us at 800-359-3435 to find out more about this indispensable program, and to get a quote on the numbers of new homeowners in your area.
In our mailings we see New homeowners again and again far outspend established homeowners on plants and supplies. Not only that, but it is important to reach these key spenders, bring them into your store, and build their loyalty to your garden center at this crucial transition stage in their lives.
The New Homeowners program uses a highly effective 8 1/2 X 11 mailer folded in half, and personalized to the home buyer. We will advise you, based on our very extensive testing program over the years, on what to offer in your two gift certificates to optimize your return rate as well as to increase the sale average.
We can also include New Homeowners in your pop-out plastic postcard mailing. We can order these names by radius around your store, or zip code, and will advise you on the best option for you when you call us.
Start using our program, and invite these key new people to your store!


We have a line of new mailers for New Homeowners.  They are a unique hybrid of heavy glossy paper, and plastic laminated paper for the pop-out gift cards/gift coupons.  Because the full size plastic pop-out cards look and feel like real gift cards, even though the offer is often $20 off a $75 purchase, the response rates and average sale from these key new shoppers is unusually high.  We have these available as both single card and double card pop-outs.
These special mailers look sharp, and people get really excited when they receive them, but these premium mailers are surprisingly competitively priced, and are even lower-priced than our regular New Homeowners mailers.

Make Money

You’ll make money on every mailing, while introducing valuable new shoppers to your store!
Call us today at 800-359-3435 for more information on these high-response, “magic mailers”!  Sign up now for an early spring mailing to the last year of New Homeowners, and we will send, as a bonus, some out FREE!  Hurry, claim your area before other garden centers to make sure you get your area and it doesn’t go to another store or landscaper.

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