Garden Lovers

Every garden center dreams of bringing in better customers–people who spend more money and time in their gardens. With the Garden Lovers List™, that dream has finally been realized! This revolutionary list of key garden shoppers in your area produces for you an increased Return on Investment (ROI) and takes your garden center marketing to a higher, more productive level.
Garden centers have always wanted to reach people who love to garden! These people spend much more each year on plants and supplies, and they tell other people about you. But before this list, identifying these key shoppers has not been possible.
Our exclusive Garden Lovers List™ is a complex list formula that includes above average income people who spend more time in their gardens, have recently bought garden supplies, subscribe to upscale gardening magazines, and other specialized demographics. Among the names on this list are the cream of the crop. These are the key consumers who shop at garden centers again and again. Some may shop with you already, but garden centers are always surprised by how many garden shoppers are spending their gardening money elsewhere, either because they have have never set foot in your store, or they stopped shopping in your store.
This proprietary list is now the most researched, proven, and effective list of important potential customers in the garden center industry. It is a constantly updated, changing list that is based on revolutionary new technology and research that searches for and identifies Garden Lovers from many different types of sources. You select the number of Garden Lovers you want to reach, and we build the list based on zip codes or a radius study around your nursery.
With each mailing you do with us, we analyze your results and customize your list, allowing future mailings to take advantage of our findings to maximize results for your unique nursery!

Order Early!

Because of the number of diverse sources and unusual complexity of producing the Garden Lovers List™, ordering the list must be done in batches with other stores to keep the costs down. Although we can make exceptions, plan on getting your order in at least six weeks to two months before your mailing date.

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